Wood Finish Durability Results

Below are the results from my comprehensive durability testing of a number of different commercially available wood working finishes available to the consumer market.

Each sample was applied according to the manufacturers written instructions; sample boards were sanded to between 100 and 220 grit depending on the product typically (unless higher grits were specified).

Each sample was subjected to the same quantity of tap water, red wine, and ketchup. Samples in the initial testing round were left to sit for 8 hours and then wiped clean with a damp cloth. Subsequent rounds will include interval testing.

Finishes could receive a total of 5 stars in each category. For durability, the scale ranks from 0-5 with each tested liquid counting for 2 potential stars; complete resistance to water, for example, would award two stars while partial resistance to wine would award only one star. Complete finish failure would receive 0 stars for that item.