About this blog

Do It Better (DIB) is dedicated to developing the passion and abilities of amateur woodworkers and DIYers. A whole generation of people are undertaking a renewed interest in building furniture, crafts, and gifts instead of purchasing low quality, mass-manufactured items. I started looking into making a bedroom set for my wife and I. I began with a Google search, which led me to dozens of websites promising simple furniture plans using construction lumber, pocket hole screws, and simple tools. While I loved the simplicity, I began to do more research. Through this, I discovered many issues with plans like those. Construction lumber tends to warp and twist as it dries, making previously level tables wobble. Pocket hole screws don’t allow wood to expand and contract through the seasons, and many projects develop large cracks and splits. I decided if I was going to invest my time and money in a project, I wanted to do it better. I’m now taking the basic skills I’ve developed, and trying completely new techniques I’ve never tried before in an attempt to make quality, long lasting furniture that doesn’t require a full industrial workshop. Along the way, I will use some more intermediate tools and techniques than other DIY websites, but my hope is that this will be a stepping stone for myself, and others, into more complex woodworking from simple DIY skills.