Change in plans….pun intended?

When I wrote this blog a few years back, my goal was to offer free walk-throughs of my woodworking plans. At the time, I was VERY new to woodworking and underestimated 1) the time it would take to build these plans and 2) the lack of other quality, DIY friendly plans in the marketplace.

This blog isn’t setting any internet traffic records, and I am not an “influencer”. What has happened, though, is my custom business has taken off like a rocket. While I want to keep offering plans and responding to questions people have about building them, it’s become a strain on my (otherwise paid) limited time in the shop.

All this to say, I am transitioning all my plans into a paid format on Etsy. I will still try to keep them affordable, around $15. This way, I can still offer the old plans (along with my support to anyone building them along the way) and even start to justify the design time on new plans as well.

My Etsy store is

If you want a last crack at getting the King Size Bed or Nightstand plans for free, it will probably still take me some time to transition those over.

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