About the blogger

Over the last year and a half or so, a lot has changed! I wrote this page when I first started the blog, and I’ve kept the original text below to document my growth. In January of 2018, I’d never made a mortise and tenon, never built any kind of furniture, and could never have imagined any of the projects I’d be taking on. Now, I’ve created a sister company, Edelweiss Fine Custom Woodworking to handle all of my custom commission pieces, I’ve been part of collaboration projects with Osborne Wood Products, and I’m continuing to grow my skills day by day. The key is: you can too! I hope everything I document here is helpful in your journey into woodworking.

Original text, from Day 1:

I’ll make this short, because most people will care more about the quality of the work than my personal intro. I am not a woodworker by trade, nor do I work in any craftsman trade actually. I work in finance, so if I can figure this stuff out, you can too! I started about 6 years ago building cornhole boards. I still have my first set. It wobbles, was made from 2×4 and has a crappy paint job. Over the years I have acquired more tools, learned more skills, and the boards I make now are indistinguishable from the first one I made. With enough thought, dedication, and curiosity anyone can create beautiful woodworking pieces.